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Welcome to the Stones Archive!

It's been a while and a lot of things happened in the past two years since the previous update, one of the most notable being the successful Kickstarter of Richard Garriott's new game, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues - a spiritual successor to Ultima. During the campaign, he talked to some of the people who contributed to the series over the years - people like Starr Long (who joined him to work on SotA), Warren Spector, and David Watson who is even contributing a song to the new game! For more Ultima or SotA related news, check out WtF Dragons fantastic Ultima Codex.

I'm happy to announce that I've added five new versions of Stones today, and all of them are really awesome! As always, you can find them below, marked as new!. I found two of them on Dwelling of Duels, a community dedicated to video game remixes and remix competitions that has a lot of other great songs, too. Also, Ultima Fan Project Pax Britannia got its own version of Stones. The interesting bit here is that the game is created to run on a ZX Spectrum variant! Travis Richards is contributing for the third time now, and he's getting better and better. This version, called "Stones Fanfare", has been inspired by Skyrim, but I'm feeling a Metal Gear Solid vibe, too. Really well done! The final piece has been created by Pedro Marcondes and is in fact just one of many great Ultima remixes he released in the past weeks. You should really check out his Soundcloud page, cool stuff!

On related news, Gillian Grassie did a great job playing Stones on a harp - Really beautiful, despite the low quality recording. Also, the Descendants of Erdrick did a Stones/U5Theme mashup that really deserves a better recording, too. Last but not least, Holt Ironfell created "Forsaken Stones", a trance take on the song that is available on Bandcamp.

Enjoy your stay at the Stones Archive.

- Joxter Dragon (January, 2014)

What Is This All About?

Stones is a song, composed by David "Iolo" Watson for ORIGIN, inc.'s Ultima computergame series. His wife Kathleen "Gwenno" Jones wrote the lyrics. This song became one of the most famous in computer gaming history. It's no surprise that lots of Ultima fans created their own versions and remixes based upon the original song, and that's exactly what you'll find here, along with some of the official versions. Enjoy!

The Lyrics

Long ago ran the sun on a folk who had a dream
And the heart and the will and the power:
They moved the earth; they carved the stone; moulded hill and channeled stream
That we might stand on the wide plains of Wiltshire

Now men asked who they were, how they built and wonder why
That they wrought standing stones of such size
What was done 'neath our shade? What was pray'ed 'neath our skies
As we stood on the wyrd plains of Wiltshire

Oh what secrets we could tell if you'd listen and be still
Rid the stink and the noise from our skirts
But you haven't got the clue and perhaps you never will
Mute we stand on the cold plains of Wiltshire

Still we loom in the mists as the ages roll away
And we say of our folk, "they are here!"
That they built us and they died and you'll not be knowing why
Save we stand on the bare plains of Wiltshire

Official Versions

Ultima 9 Ascension
This version has been played by an 50-piece orchestra and sounds really cool. It was arranged by George Oldzie and found at the official Ultima 9 website.

Ultima Online - Lord Blackthorns Revenge
That's how stones should sound! I couldn't find out who created it, but he did an awesome job. Got this one at the official UO: LBR website.

ORIGIN Soundtrack Series Vol. 2
The first Stones version that appeared on an Audio CD. It could be found on the rare ORIGIN Soundtrack Series Vol. 2 album and was ripped and encoded by Esteram Dragon.

Ultima Online - Lord Blackthorns Revenge Remix
Created by Curse Mackey of Grim Faeries fame, this version sounds... uhm somewhat experimental. Originally created for UO2, it later appeared in UO: LBR.

Fan Versions And Remixes

Ultima VII
This is a recording of the original Ultima VII MIDI file, using a Roland MT-32 MIDI synthesizer. I found it at Tom Grandgent's website.

Ultima VI
Another MT-32 recording of an original MIDI file. This one is out of Ultima VI and has been created by Hurin.

Ultima V - Commodore 128
A recording of the original Commodore 128 version, created by Linards Ticmanis using sidplay.

Ultima Online
A recording of the Ultima Online MIDI of Stones, played on a Soundblaster AWE32 using the 4 MB Soundfont that was included in UO. This one was recorded by myself.

Brad Venable singing Stones
Brad Vanable did a great job with singing Stones! This is an improved version I found on Brad Venable's website. You may still download his old version over here.

Drow singing Stones
Another one with vocals, performed by Drow and based upon the official U9 version. He has another style as Brad, and I couldn't say which one I like better. Check out Drow's website for more of his work.

Stones (acoustic) by Drow
Drow himself sent me another version of Stones, completely handmade and (!) with vocals! If you liked his previous work, you'll love this one.

Stones Suite
Download, listen, dream - Steven Keys got it right! Nothing computer generated here, just his natural keyboard performance.

Hammered Dulcimer Stones
This version has been played by Goldenflame Dragon on a hammered dulcimer.

Morgan the Bard's Stones
Morgan the Bard himself sent in this nice version of Stones. He's also about to put up more medieval music on his website and MySpace Site, too. So make sure to check it out!

Stones 2001
A modern version created by DJ Lizard. He remastered it in September 2004, now it sounds even better!

Stones 2001 feat. Amy "Cynthe" Sage
Amy Sage, former community lady and designer at Origin, sent me this wonderful piece. She took DJ Lizards' version and mixed her lyrics on top of it. You wonder how that might sound? Well, you can easily find out using that download link below :)

Brass Stones
Travis "Snafe" Richards was looking for a version of Stones with a nice Brass in it. As he didn't find one, he just started to arrange one on his own! Now that's commitment!

Piano Solo
Something I always missed was a pure piano play of Stones. Thanks to Dustin N�gel, I got one. If you are into piano music and want Stones, this download is the way to go. Sadly, he doesn't have a website I can link to.

Wiesty and Erikov Stones Remix
This remix was created by Wiesty and Erikov, and that's pretty much all I can tell you about it. They, too, don't have a website. The soundquality isn't that good, but I'm pretty sure some of you folks will like it anyway.

Acoustic Guitar Stones with Lyrics
Marcus Korzune decided that it was time for a acoustic guitar version. On top of that, he sings it, too. He didn't provide a website I can link to, though. This version will make you smile, believe me ;)

Zarakas' Guitars with Lyrics
Like Marcus Korzune, Lars "Zarakas" Michalsky used an acoustic guitar. And two electric guitars. And he sings. But unlike Marcus, he sounds like he has done this before.

Ultima V: Lazarus #2 feat. Michele Haytko
Based on Grotto Dragon's Version, Michele Haytko did an awesome job on singing Stones with her wonderful voice. But don't thank her alone, as her husband Peter is the one who introduced her to Stones and helped her dub it. Check it out!

AVR Stones
Programmed in assambly for an AVR music box, this version by Sean Boyce is one fine example of geekery.

Stones on Guitar
Inspired by playing EUO, an Ultima influenced MUD, Djanno started playing stones on his guitar. And thats what you'll listen to once you click that download link.

Orchestral Stones
Travis Richards, who also did the Brass version of Stones, created this fine work for an unannounced Neverwinter Nights 2 module.

Stones of the Avatar new!
Dooleus created this rock version for the March '07 Dwelling of Duels contest. Rock on!

Stones Fanfare new!
Inspired by Skyrim, this latest version by Travis Richards is a real masterpiece!

Ultima V Stones new!
Pedro Marcondes created a lot of cool Ultima remixes lately, make sure to check out his Soundcloud page to listen to more of his work!

Stones for Bread new!
Also an entry to Dwelling of Duels, Vertexguy created a real moody guitar track that feels just right.

Ultima Remake Versions

Ultima IV: The Dawn Of Virtue
This version was created by Jaakko Peltonen for the Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue Remake. Sadly, it was canceled in September 2004 and the official Website went down.

Ultima V: Lazarus #1
Ultima V: Lazarus is a remake of Ultima V and will be released as mod for Dungeon Siege. The Stones remix was done by Terilem Dragon.

Ultima V: Lazarus #2
Originally created for the Lazarus Project, it seems that the creator of this version, Grotto Dragon, is no longer part of the Team.

Ultima V: Lazarus #3
Jared Ellsworth created this soft and slow version for the Prologue of Ultima V: Lazarus.

Ultima V: Lazarus #4
Another good example by Jared Ellsworth how a great Stones version should sound like.

Ultima VI: Archon #1
This Version has been created by John Currier aka . Muzexia. Sadly, he is no longer involved in the Ultima VI: Archon Dungeon Siege mod. He also maintains a second website featuring Keyboard playing videos.

Ultima VI: Archon #2
Without Muzexia, the Archon Team needed another musician. With Steven Keys, they found a great replacement!

Ultima IX: Redemption #1
Chlorthos Dragon of Titans of Ether created this version for Ultima IX: Redemption, a fan-built mod for Morrowind.

Adventures Of Blackthorn
This version has been created by Wind Walker for the now canceled "the Adventures of Blackthorn" project.

Ultima IX: Redemption #2
Another nice Version by Chlorthos Dragon for the Titans of Ether project with a more personal note.

Ultima IX: Redemption #3
The third version of Stones for Titans of Ether, this time created by Matti "Michikawa" Paalanen.

Ultima: Return
It's no secret that Grotto Dragon is one of my favorite Stones composers. He's now working on the Soundtrack for Ultima: Return (formerly known as Return to the Serpent Isle) and started with releasing one of the most epic renditions of stones. Love it!

Ultima 3.5: Pax Britannia new!
Cheveron created this version of Stones for Pax Britannia, an Ultima fan project dedicated to bringing Ultima style game to the ZX Spectrum.

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